Under the Hood.

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Founder and Director Colin unboxes the Flavour Blaster Kit showing you exactly what you receive when you order your Flavour Blaster Kit.

Let's Get Started

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You've received your Flavour Blaster package, you're excited and ready to go... - How do I turn it on? - Where does the aroma come from?- How often should I change the coil?- How do I turn it off?

All of these questions answered by Simone Caporale during his Lockdown Live.

Quick Start Tips

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Presented by Simone during Lockdown 1 here in the UK. He delves into quick hacks when using your Flavour Blaster.

Create Your First Bubble

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Creating the perfect bubble is easy when you know-how! Check out some of these super simple hacks to make the perfect aroma infused bubble.

Prime & Fill Tank

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Correctly prime and fill your tank to create the perfect aroma clouds and the ultimate bubble.

Change Your Coil

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Changing the coil in your Flavour Blaster is essential to avoid cross-contamination of aromatic flavours! No one wants to taste lemon when they've asked for Berry right? Changing the coil avoids lingering aromas and increases the longevity of your blaster.