About Us

The Flavour Blaster was designed and made by cocktail equipment innovators JetChill Ltd.

JetChill was founded when hospitality expert Col and manufacturing dynamo Rob were at an event together in LA. There, they observed the bartenders struggling with a high volume service of drinks using theatrical smoke from dry ice. Right there, on the spot, they decided to create a dry ice machine that was easy to use, quick to produce an effect and safe to operate. Since the launch of their first product in 2011, they have stuck to these simple principals.

The Flavour Blaster is the first ever handheld device to utilise vapour technology to make edible bubbles, flavour mist and smoke clouds in a hospitality environment. It is safety checked to the highest quality standards, easy to use, dynamically designed for your staff to develop new recipes with and creates an immediate impact on your guests.

Ultimately, Col and Rob want you to see a return on your investment as engagement with your guests soars.

Colin Myers, MD of Jetchill Ltd, has over 20 years of experience in the international hospitality sector. After gaining his Diploma in Hospitality Management, he quickly specialised in bar service and has worked in high quality, high volume environments in both the UK and Australia.  He understands operational constraints and wants to help you reduce the obstacles that hospitality servers have to contend with, without sacrificing your guest’s experience.

Robert Flunder worked in the manufacturing sector for 15 years before co-founding JetChill Ltd with Colin. He has pushed the possibilities of molecular mixology by developing theatrical ingredients like vapour, dry ice, aromatics, foam, printing and compression into products that are both widely available and accessible.

Visit the JetChill website for more information.