Flavour Blaster - Mag 57 - Magnetic Tank

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The Mag 57 Magnetic Tank for faster service

This tank is specially designed for use in the Flavour Blaster gun. It is the world's first leak-proof tank with a magnetic base for quick release. The innovative design releases a powerful and consistent aromatic mist.   

You can use a single tank with the Flavour Blaster Cocktail Kit, but between flavour changes, the tank will need to be thoroughly cleaned, and a new coil used to ensure there is no cross-contamination of aromas.

Keeping separate quick-release Flavour Blaster Aroma Tanks allows you to switch between aroma flavours in seconds. You can keep up with the demand for speedy service when one gun is shared between different stations, shifts or staff.

We recommend purchasing a tank for each flavour you intend to use.