Tray - Bubblelick, Aroma & Tank holder

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Keep your Flavour Blaster ingredients organised.

Create space on your bar top, make sure your Cocktail Aroma ingredients and equipment stay clean and display them proudly with our integrated Flavour Blaster tray.

The Flavour Blaster aromas work best when you keep a separate tank for each flavour. This organising tray allows you to keep your flavours and equipment systematically grouped, which helps with service speed and prevents flavour contamination between different stations, shifts or staff members. 

The tray is sleek, modern and designed to fit into your back bar display.

Stores 10 x 10ml Cocktail Aromatic bottles, 5x Aroma Tank, 2x Bubble X bubble mixture bottles*.

*Bought separately

Size: 25.5cm L x 16.5cm W x 7.5cm H

Handwash only.