Get dependable results on daring recipes

The Flavour Blaster is the first piece of cocktail equipment ever standardised, and carefully safety tested to

MAKE beautiful bubbles with ease

INFUSE your drinks with aromatic mist

CREATE aromatic clouds for a dramatic effect

If you’re after vibrant ingredients for cutting-edge cocktail and restaurant recipes or eye-catching service ideas for your venue, then you’ll need the Flavour Blaster Cocktail Kit and accessories.

How to use your Flavour Blaster

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yellow flavour blaster
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Flavour Blaster - Kit
Flavour Blaster - Kit

Flavour Blaster - Kit

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Made with hospitality in mind.

The Flavour Blaster was designed and made by cocktail equipment innovators JetChill Ltd.

JetChill began when hospitality expert Col and manufacturing dynamo Rob were at an event in LA, where they saw bartenders struggling with a high volume service of drinks using theatrical smoke from dry ice. They decided to create a dry ice machine that was easy to use, quick to produce an effect and safe to operate. In 2011 they introduced the JetChill system and have continued to win accolades for their designs ever since.

In 2017 Col and Rob created a prototype of the handheld Flavour Blaster gun in conjunction with Simone Caporale. It created such a storm on social media that they launched the product in 2018 with thousands of advance orders from 40 different countries.

Find out how Simone uses the Flavour Blaster on his travels.

Flavour Clouds

Professional innovation with the Flavour Blaster

See the Flavour Blaster in action.

“A fantastic tool, I really love it and the guests go crazy because of this experience.”

Dave Mulder, The Cocktail Agency (UK)

“This bar tool really does bring out the inner child. From the bartender to the person getting the drink to the person on the other person on the other side of the room watching. I absolutely love this thing!”

Tony Gonzales, Living to the Brim (USA)

“It gives the bartenders yet another amazing tool in order for them to be able to offer a “wow” moment to their guests! Also, customer support is amazing!”

Andrei Lung, Drink Smarts (EU)

Flavour Blaster in action...

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